Family-friendly university

The Tyrolean Private University UMIT is a university where it is possible to combine studies and work with family life. Many study programs at the Tyrolean Private University UMIT are delivered via ‘block teaching’ in modules which makes them compatible with work and family life. We offer our working colleagues, especially young parents, flexible working-time models, ranging from parental part-time to part-time work-from-home options. The proportion of women working at the Tyrolean Private University UMIT is 50%. Approximately 60% of our students are women. Through measures promoting the occupational health, the Tyrolean Private University UMIT encourages a healthy work-life balance. In this context, our employees’ psychological stress in particular is checked at regular intervals. Besides an explicit action plan for the promotion of women and an equal opportunities working party, UMIT offers on-campus facilities which support the reconciliation of family and working life. 

The Tyrolean Private University UMIT has applied to join the Best Practice Club. Hereby the Tyrolean Private University UMIT will sign the so-called “Family and University Charter" and will thus participate in a continuous information sharing and improvement process for promoting the framework conditions for work and family life.